Power of Two

Power of 2.




the beach from ‘the beach”! after a few days of struggling in the noise and light pollution in Bangkok, it was easy to get lost in that endless turquoise color around south islands of thailand. there’s a way to get around the busy tourists crowds, and to find the true peace.

i hired a boat guide myself, and asked him to take me to some beach with fewer people, and he took me here…not a single person except me at that beach, him went off and sit far far away not noticeable. left me with the boat, the sky and the ocean. OM~

make love, not war

Imagei traveled to Cambodia last week. before i went there, this country was full of mysterious and sacred old temples in my mind, and i was expecting to get some enlightening spirit. however, after visited some small temples and the land-mine museum. it turned out to be probably the most depressing and heartbreaking part of my trip so far by learning and seeing how wars destroyed this glorious kingdom, and that people still suffer deeply from it today, especially children.

once you arrive at a temple, you often see these kids coming to you with annoying begging tone asking you to buy some goods, you immediately want to walk away from the hassle, but if you talk with them a little bit more, they would offer you the sweetest smile that can melt your heart. most of them are orphans. many young adults in Cambodia were not able to get enough education due to the war, therefore, unexpected children are made, and young parents can’t take care of the kids, they send them to orphanage.

boyif you’re going to visit one day, please stop and talk to them, and see the innocence, struggles and perhaps hope from their eyes.

from Jack Kornfield:

“I remember when I first arrived at my teacher Ajahn Chah’s monastery, he looked at me and said, “I hope you’re not afraid of suffering.” I replied, “What do you mean? I came here to meditate and find inner peace and happiness.” He explained, “There are two kinds of suffering, the suffering we run from because we are unwilling to face the truth of life, and the suffering that comes when we’re willing to stop running from the sorrows and difficulties of the world. The second kind of suffering will lead you to freedom.” (Bringing Home the Dharma). may you have the strength and courage not only to face your suffering, but to also embrace the opportunities for love, laughter and compassion that are near you every day.

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it was an interesting week last week, i was delighted to have completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training in Bali after an intense three-week practice and training. while i’m excited about this important personal step, i’m also saddened by the immediate departure from my dear yogini friends and teachers. my intention of joining an international program was not only to broaden my knowledge, sharpen my skills, but also to meet and get connected with people all around the world. after three weeks, all my intentions are still the same as what’s written in my journal, they only appeared a little bit less powerful than my enriched experience. i’ve learned that changing the world is too big of an ambition for me, i just want to be a better me.

besides the excitement of program completion, i’m also sitting with the news that the legendary music master, Ravi Shankar passed away, and the heartbreaking massive shooting in Connecticut happened on Friday. as our teacher Basil Jones taught at our last class yesterday morning, there will always be light and shadows in life, we will still be hurt and heart broken again and again, the only thing we could do is to embrace the light and shadows, to continue doing what we’re supposed to do, to spread and guard the light, and to be a warrior.

dance, when you’re broken open; dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off; dance in the middle of the fighting; dance in your blood; dance when you’re perfectly free. –Rumi


be the change you want to see

sunrise contemplation

2nd week in Bali is getting intense yet interesting. it sounds glorious and romantic coming to Bali to do a YTT. but the intense practice everyday gradually stirs up the emotions, feelings, awareness deep down, along with physical challenges and all the raw materials behind the theme. the good news is that i’m getting used to getting up at 5ish everyday to take my walk/meditation by the sea in the amazing sunrise.


“The on-the-spot practice of being fully present, feeling your heart, and greeting the next moment with an open mind can be done at any time: when you wake up in the morning, before a difficult conversation, whenever fear or discomfort arises. This practice is a beautiful way to claim your warriorship, your spiritual warriorship. In other words, it is a way to claim your courage, your kindness, your strength. Whenever it occurs to you, you can pause briefly, touch in with how you’re feeling both physically and mentally, and then connect with your heart-even putting your hand on your heart, if you want to. This is a way of extending warmth and acceptance to whatever is going on for you right now. You might have an aching back, an upset stomach, panic, rage, impatience, calmness, joy-whatever it is, you can let it be there just as it is, without labeling it good or bad, without telling yourself you should or shouldn’t be feeling that way. Having connected with what is, with love and acceptance, you can go forward with curiosity and courage. I call this step “taking a leap.” “– Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change by Pema Chodron


not in a hurry


being in Bali is such a treat. like hawaii, on these isolated islands, people are always on their own schedule, slow and peaceful. they take time to make blessing offerings everyday to their Gods, even the little floral decorations in our hotel corridors are all different each day. i kept on wondering if i really needed to be in such a hurry all the time?

cell phone reception is nearly zero, which is probably just what i need. lots and lots of yoga from 6:30-6:30 everyday, and free time is limited between classes and workshops. finally, i was able to get up before the sun, and go to see the sunrise at a beach temple.

what else can i say in front of this amazing nature? be present, and take a deep breath.